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Corporate Governance Statement


In March 2003, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Council published its Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations ("Recommendations").

In August 2007, the ASX Corporate Governance Council published a revised Principles and Recommendations (2nd Edition) to ensure that these remain relevant to the Australian business and investment communities. These revised Principles and Recommendations reflect the contributions of more than 100 public submissions and took effect from 1 January 2008.

The ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Recommendations are not mandatory and cannot, in themselves, prevent corporate failure or poor corporate decision-making. They are intended to provide a reference point for companies about their corporate governance structures and practices. There is no single model of good corporate governance. The document articulates eight core principles along with various recommendations to assist in meeting these.

Principle 1:  Lay Solid Foundations for Management & Oversight

Principle 2:  Structure the Board to Add Value

Principle 3:  Promote Ethical & Responsible Decision-Making

Principle 4:  Safeguard Integrity in Financial Reporting

Principle 5:  Make Timely & Balanced Disclosure

Principle 6:  Respect the Rights of Shareholders

Principle 7:  Recognise & Manage Risk

Principle 8:  Remunerate Fairly & Responsibly


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